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Audenham English Bridle Leather Short Control Dog Lead 55cm/21.5

Audenham English Bridle Leather Short Control Dog Lead 55cm/21.5"

Quality and functionality are cornerstones of LuvMyDog products. By striving to use the finest materials and trusting the quality of master craftsmen, we have commissioned a unique combination of English bridle leather and German stainless steel to bring you a hand crafted masterpiece.

The Audenham English bridle leather short lead measures a total of 55cm/21.5 inches in length from end to end with a generous 20cm/7.5 inch handle opening.
The bridle leather is a reassuring 19mm / 3/4 inch width and a thickness gauge of 4.0mm for a slimline feel that has all the strength you will need for years of continued use.

The short lead (also known as a control or traffic lead) is perfect for keeping larger dogs very close to the handler where an improved amount of control can be applied. They are also ideal for close heel training and protection training where the dog must be kept next to the handler.