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Coaterz Pink Corona Prong Training Collar Cover by Petlando

Coaterz Pink Corona Prong Training Collar Cover by Petlando

The Coaterz Pink Corona prong training collar cover has been designed specially for Herm Sprenger 4.0mm gauge collars by Petlando and is suitable for all weather conditions. The high quality outer material offers excellent resistance against mud and water, additional protection to your prong collar finish by shielding it from water and dirt. Features an artificial leather upper material, if necessary it is easily to clean just with a moist cleaning rag. It's very simple to both fit and remove, with velcro tabs for fastening to the collar.

The Coaterz prong collar cover is available in three sizes to fit the following Herm Sprenger collar gauges and sizes:

Small: 31cm x 2.5cm / 12.5 inches x 1 inch to fit 2.25mm gauge.
Mid size: 41cm x 3.5cm / 16 inches x 1.25 inch to fit 3.0mm and 3.2mm gauge.
Large size: 51cm x 4.5cm / 20 inches x 1.75 inch to fit 4.0mm gauge.

Collar Gauge
Collar Gauge
4.0mm 51cm/20"