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Herm Sprenger 9ct Gold Plated 2.0mm Fine Link Slip Collar

Herm Sprenger 9ct Gold Plated 2.0mm Fine Link Slip Collar

The Herm Sprenger 9 carat gold plated 2.0mm slip collar represents the premium selection for showing your dog. The addition of luxurious German gold makes this collar stand out as the finishing touch. The collar must be fitted correctly to prevent accidental choking. The correct fitting is achieved by placing the ring conecting to the lead over your dogs head which will ensure the collar will release when the pressure is removed on the lead.

The superior materials used by Herm Sprenger offer modern style, exceptional functionality and uncompromising quality.

Measuring the size is vital to ensure the correct fit. This collar cannot be separated and doesn't have an adjustable buckle like a leather collar. To fit your dog it has to go over your dogs head, comfortably sliding over the ears. As well as measuring the required neck size we therefore recommend measuring from under the chin, over the head and ears and back to under the chin then add 5cm/2 inches. If you already use a fitted slip collar or choke collar simply lay it flat and measure the length end to end.