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Herm Sprenger Neck Tech Sport Carabiner Martingale Prong Collar

Herm Sprenger Neck Tech Sport Carabiner Snap Hook Martingale Prong Collar

The Neck Tech Sport prong collar features the classic Herm Sprenger martingale chain assembly coupled with a lockable carabiner snap hook. The stainless steel construction makes the Neck Tech 100% rust proof, and the strength of the materials makes this light weight design extra sturdy and increadibly strong. Suitable for both short hair and long hair dogs the enclosed design of the Neck Tech Sport conceals the prongs and reduces the side profile making this prong collar very discreet without the need for a nylon prong collar cover.

The Neck Tech Sport martingale fastens with a lockable carabiner for additional security making the potential for unintended release almost impossible.

An accurate fit of the Neck Teck Sport is recommended. Links can be added and removed to alter the size of the prong collar to fit a wide variety of dogs neck sizes.

Suitable for dogs up to 60kg