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Angell Petco Redfish Jerky Rolls 200g

Angell Petco Redfish Rolls 200g

Ideal for BARF diet users and full of Omega 3, Redfish rolls are made from 100% fish skins, gently baked to make them crunchy so they exfoliate your dog's teeth whilst they are enjoying their snack. Delicately crunchy redfish rolls are made from 100% fish skin. Redfish is a seasonal fish, caught off the Icelandic shores, a bit like a sardine, so it's full of omega 3 goodness. Delicate redfish skin makes for a very elegant treat, not too hard on delicate gums.

Redfish rolls are packaged in 200g bags. Each Redfish roll measures around 5cm/2 inches across.
Twice the package size of alternatives like Fish4Dogs, the Angell Petco dog treats are high quality at exceptional value.

Nutritional Information per 100g: Fat, 15.2%, Carbohydrates 0%, Protein 74.3%, Ash 2.7%, Calories 434, Salt 0.29%