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Herm Sprenger 25mm Nylon 3 Way Adjustable Training Lead 195cm

Herm Sprenger 25mm Double Nylon 3 Way Adjustable Training Lead 195cm

The Herm Sprenger double nylon 3 way adjustable training lead is made to withstand the rigors of everyday use in all conditions. The double nylon webbing construction ensures the lead is extremely strong yet maintains a flexible and comfortable feel. A snap hook at each end and a series of D rings along the lead allows the overall length to be adjusted by moving the smaller snap hook and clipping it to the appropriate D ring. The lead can be used as a direct tether to the dog or secured around the waist for close heel work. The large snap hook connects to the dogs collar, the smaller snap hook can be threaded through the D rings to keep the lead neatly formed, a design feature often overlooked with adjustable training leads.

The double nylon training lead measures 25mm wide and 195cm/77" long.