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Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Spiral Ground Stake
Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Ground Spike

The stainless steel spiral ground stake offers a mobile and temporary anchor point for tethering your dog while retaining space for your dog to move around by incorporating a free moving swivel ring. The convinience of a portable anchor point is ideal for travel or time away from home and to provide a securing point for your dog where safe containment isn't available. The stainless steel ground stake is made to last and exceeds the specifications of commonly available alternatives.

The stainless steel ground stake features:

9.0mm stainless steel construction
A generous 9cm / 3.5" handle
Large securing ring 1.5" / 4cm outside diameter
4.5 turn auger thread

The stainless steel ground spike is constructed for heavy duty use making it ideal for a variety of applications including:

Securing point for tents, awnings and gazebos
Anchor point for boats, jet skis, and dinghies

The stainless steel ground spike is a temporary securing point and your dog should be attended regularly. Please ensure your dog has access to water and cover or shade.