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Audenham English Bridle Leather Natural Leather Care

Audenham English Bridle Leather Natural Leather Care

Aging leather is a very tactile and beautiful material and for some favourite items can be better old than new. How long has it taken for that special pair of leather shoes to become the most comfortable? A new watch strap won't feel as good as an aging strap that's been with you for years. Belts, handbags, sofas, walking boots, dog leads... time served leather is with you for years and years. Just as skin and hair need regular conditioning to look and feel revitalised, leather needs to have natural oils and fats replenished from time to time to keep looking, feeling and working smoothly for years ahead.

With so many different leather contitioning products available, in most instances any kind of conditioning is better than no conditioning. Then again, sometimes it's better to rely on the people you know to trust, the source of some of the finest English bridle leathers for over a century. Audenham English Bridle Leather natural leathercare is blended by J&E Sedgewick & Co, master curriers of international renown. Quality conditioners can still contain some chemical "shortcuts" than are used in their manufacturing processes than can actually damage leather over time, we believe that a natural material deserves natural care for the best results. Audenham English Bridle Leathercare contains simpler, safer conditioners from times past where a blend of natural ingredients including tallow oil and beeswax cared for the antique leather seen today.

Conditioning your leather is quite simple, wipe clean and remove any excess water, allow to dry naturally and away from a heat source, then sparingly apply Audenham English Bridle Leathercare to both the grain and flesh side of the leather. Allow to dry for up to a few hours then buff with a clean soft cloth. Soaking with too much oil on leather can have the oposite effect, the leather becomes spongy and weaker, natural fats and oils reduce the potential for damage from over conditioning. Our 50g and 400g tubs go a long way and can be used on horse tack, hiking boots, dog leads, car seats, almost any form of leather you want to condition and protect.

Not suitable for use on suede