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Herm Sprenger Black and Blue Reflecting Paracord Collar

Herm Sprenger Blue Reflecting Paracord Collar

Attractive design in bright colours, Herm Sprenger paracord dog collars have the stainless steel ClicLock fastener for easy fitting. The core is a 19mm poly-band material secured with rivets, the outer covering is high quality braiding with black and blue Paracord (parachute cord) giving a total collar width of 30mm.

The paracord braiding is thin and light nylon kernmantle rope with a high number of interwoven strands, It was originally used as suspension lines for parachutes. There is a reflecting design woven into the black and blue paracord for extra visibility in low light conditions.

The Herm Sprenger paracord dog collars are extremely strong and durable, dirt and water repellent, and are quick drying.