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Herm Sprenger Anti Static Dog Rake

Herm Sprenger Anti Static Dog Rake

The Herm Sprenger dog rake is an ideal first phase in a grooming reigeme to remove clumps and prevent matting while clearing the loose undercoat. The profiled steel pins are thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom to lift and capture individual hairs, and an anti static coating dramatically reduces fluffing. Breeds with thick wooly undercoats or double coats that are prone to shedding benefit from having old or dead hair removed keeping the coat supple and waterproof. Breeds with medium length hair and a single coat that are prone to tufting in their fur require a course comb to remove and thin tangles before brushing.

The anti static dog rake measures 15.5cm / 6" in length by 11cm / 4.25" wide with a vented black plastic handle. The teeth measure 13mm with blunt ends for comfort. Suitable for medium length fur and thick course fur.

Comb Type
Comb Type
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