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Herm Sprenger Large Aluminium Dog Moulting /Grooming Comb

Herm Sprenger Large Aluminium Dog Moulting /Grooming Comb

The larger dog comb is cast from aluminium weighing in at an amazing 25g (7/8oz), making it both lightweight and extremely rigid. Aluminium is a non corrosive metal for longevity and resistance to natural oils which is then nickel plated for added protection. Being a cast aluminium they retain some characteristics of the moulding process, however while there may be prettier combs to look at, the functionality of this comb is simply superb. As lightweight as a plastic comb but with all the strength of steel, the aluminium grooming / moulting comb by Herm Sprenger is made to last.

The comb measures 17cm / 6.75" in length with an 8cm / 3" rake. The teeth are 19mm / 3.75" long with a medium to course 3mm gap. Ideal for medium and long haired breeds including German Shepherd, Collie, Spaniel, Retriever, Setter, St Bernard, Gundogs, Hounds and Terriers.

Comb Type
Comb Type
Large Moulting Comb