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Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel 4.0mm x 5cm/2" Fur Saver Long Link Dog Collars

Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel 4.0mm x 5cm/2

4.0mm - Suitable for dogs up to 85kg

The Herm Sprenger fur saver long link collar is an extra heavy duty 4.0mm gauge measuring from 54cm / 21 inches to 80cm / 31.5 inches for larger and powerful dogs. Each link is a 4.0mm gauge and measures 5cm / 2" in length.

Measuring the size is vital to ensure the correct fit. This collar cannot be separated like a prong collar and doesn't have an adjustable buckle like a leather collar. To fit your dog it has to go over your dogs head, comfortably sliding over the ears. We therefore recommend measuring from under the chin, over the head and ears and back to under the chin then add 5cm/2 inches. If you already use a fitted slip collar or choke collar simply lay it flat and measure the length end to end.

Gauge and Size
Gauge and Size
4.0mm 54cm/21"
4.0mm 59cm/23"
4.0mm 63cm/25"
4.0mm 67cm/26.5"
4.0mm 72cm/28.5"
4.0mm 76cm/30"
4.0mm 80cm/31.5"